Is it alright if I share this link to your recipe? Bahaha that’s my exact problem – once the last bowl is licked clean I’m like gahhh need more! 2 pounds peeled and chopped into 1/2-inch cubes), (add 1/4 tsp first, taste, then double if you love it! Chop your veggies and toss em in the pot! Leftovers are just as good (if not better!) This is amazing. So! I diced up and threw in a green bell pepper that I had laying around, and it turned out well too! So disappointed!  I was devastated. The potatoes sucked up all the broth and now I just have potatoes. You can 100% make this on the stove-top and have it done way faster. xoxo. It is seriously delicious! Definitely looking forward to leftovers for lunch this week! Other ideas include: Mushroom Swiss Twice Baked Potatoes, Southwest Twice Baked Potatoes, Chili and Cheddar Loaded Baked Potatoes or in a dinner salad, like this Green bean and trout salad. Just a heads up, Parmesan cheese isn’t considered to be vegetarian! but it says in the nutrition facts that the cals are 234? Well it’s time to break out the crock-pot and tackle the soup! Add the potatoes, mashing them with a potato masher as much as you like. I think I’m actually going to be making it this week as well – I’ve been craving a big bowl of potato soup. Hey Shirley! Can’t wait to try all your other recipes! I only have a 3 quart. Heat olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Set aside. Not too fat and creamy like many baked potatoe soup RECIPES are. Now, I am DEFINITELY going to try this recipe! The only sub was I used all cheddar 2/3 smoked cheddar and 1/3 regular sharp cheddar as that was what I had on hand. My only variation is, I used almond milk instead of regular milk, I doubled the amount of crushed garlic, and I added about a tablespoon of Italian seasoning. I olimated the parm cheese, simply bc i didnt have any. Made THE recipe TONIGHT. It’s nothing like any potato soup I’ve ever had. If you prefer a soupier soup you can by all means add some milk and/or broth to the soup to reach your perfect consistency. It was amazing! xo. Restaurant after restaurant offered up delicious baked potato soup and, every time I asked, I was notified that the bacon was not only a topping, but in the soup recipe itself. I like my baked potatoes with a crispy kosher salted skin, so I used salted butter and kosher salt in the recipe. I’m so glad it was a hit! Don’t be shy on the sharp cheese on top, more is better! I worry it might be gritty? Sounds tasty to me! We found we prefer this to a fully pureed texture. 1kg potatoes (around 5 medium potatoes) 500ml vegetable stock. THE. This potato soup is perfect! If you use 5 of those you will end up with a crockpot filled to the brim with mashed potatoes. I used lil heavy cream for its creamyness, and im new to vegaterianism, and too would miss the bacon so i garnished with fresh dill, chives, cheese and a vegan bacon and it was PERFECT to fool the palette! The dill is such a great touch. Thank you Beth! Nutritional yeast is always a great option, as is coconut milk and more spices to make up for the loss of the cheese flavors. Meanwhile, cook the bacon in a skillet over medium-high heat until crisp. Serve it with as many or as little topping as you have on hand. I have a question for anyone able to answer- if I will only have about an hour and a half to prepare and cook this, is it cool to just throw all of this yummy goodness into a pot and let it hang on med-high heat for an hour or so? Bake in the preheated oven until potatoes are tender, 45 minutes to 1 hour. Ohmygosh Brit I just fell down a Google rabbit hole reading about the specifics! Hi Kelly! The only problem is I didn’t make enough! Now add onion and sauté until … Loaded Baked Potato Soup Total time: 45 minutes You can leave me a comment here or tag @PEASandCRAYONS #PEASANDCRAYONS on Instagram so I can happy dance over your creations! It’s healthy, sketch-free and full of flavor!Â. Thanks for sharing. 4 cloves garlic, minced. <3. Hey Noah! I’d love to compare notes on timing to get a good average 🙂 Loving the input and thanks so much for the sweet comment Angie! Absolutely delicious, my husband loves this soup. Next add veggie broth, garlic, butter, salt, and pepper. haha YES! Cashew milk is a fan favorite for creamy soups and extra garlic is always a tasty option! Tonight I’m trying it in an instant pot instead of a slow cooker. Would it be okay to leave the skins on the potatoes? You know the ones you look at and wind up with a food baby? Split remaining potatoes in half and press through a ricer or food mill directly into the pot of soup. Success! Gave us the crunch on top we were looking for. I was just wondering if almond milk would work instead of regular milk. Add onion and saute for 7 to 10 minutes or until softened. I added a bit more garlic (we’re garlic lovers over here) and will definitely be making this again and again!! I’m a tad obsessed and hope it’s a hit in your house too! ? Hearing this totally makes my day! When this soup is cooking in the crockpot my entire family is excited about dinnertime! Sorry I didn’t express this more clearly. Ok, ok — I HAVE been eating it at nearly every meal day after day. Salt. Everybody loves this hearty winter dish full of bacon. Add potatoes, cauliflower, and hefty pinchful of salt to the pan and saute for another … xoxo. I followed the recipe exactly before I called him, and I only did that when it was supposed to be ready to serve. Vegetarian Potato Soup is a comforting vegetarian soup that you can enjoy year-round. Those work great but a large stainless steel pot will work as well! Love the addition of a bell pepper too! I used my recipe card’s nutrition calculator to add the soup’s nutrition facts, great suggestion! The recipe relies on the butter, milk, and cheese for flavor so to veganize it you would want to rework the recipe with herbs, spices, etc… to amp up the flavor. Super happy to hear it Renee, thank you! I’m trying to put this recipe in my calorie tracker app… it says that one serving is 1,978 calories?? 1 onion, diced. 🙂. My husband went NUTS over the Veggie Loaded Baked Potato Soup! Thanks! Does this soup freeze well? In a large pot, heat oil & butter over medium heat. Stir milk mixture into potatoes; cook over medium, stirring often, until thickened and bubbly, about 4 minutes. I have a 5 quart size. This Loaded Baked Potato Soup is creamy and easy to make on a weeknight in 30 minutes. But can you imagine my surprise when I realized not only could I not have my favorite sandwich, the ever-glorious BLT, but my favorite soup as well? I have some readers that want basic flavors and some that want #alltheseasoning – we all have a set palate for sure. Celery: Celery adds some depth of flavor and richness to the soup. Yes exactly! This soup has loads of flavour. Pare the potatoes, reserving the skins, and dice. Ummm…okay. Had to give you a quick shoutout because of how seriously wonderful this is (hubby agrees)! I did use the non vegan ingredients, as I am not vegan myself. I’m making it for New Year’s Eve party for vegetarians. Bacon. I grew up thinking it was pretty much the best invention ever. xoxo. For a thinner soup, you can totally add more broth or milk as desired; simply add extra seasoning and mix-ins along with it and you're good to go! I am bound by an unspoken sisterly bond to refrain from ratting out the person responsible for this note 😉 Buy normal potatoes, lol. That’s the glory of soups – so easy to customize to taste! My 17 month old son and I ate 2 big helpings each and I’ll definitely be making it again. In a large saucepan over medium heat, melt butter. 🙂. Hi Kischel! * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. My family all gave good reviews. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aw thanks for making my day Megan! In the bottom of a stockpot or Dutch oven, cook bacon until extra crispy. The flavor was spot on and I didn't miss bacon one bit! Black pepper. You can check out my blog (for beginner environmentalists) at You can add anything that floats your boat. Thinking about making it again this weekend! So stoked you love it! Making changes/swaps/additions are very essential when taking out a large portion of the recipe’s ingredients as it is no longer the same recipe but something entirely new. Simply mix in your cheese, milk, spices, and a spoonful or two of green onions or chives. Combine 1 cup of the bacon grease friends and it turned out well!... Of regular milk these adjustments turned a Loaded Baked potato Soup all potato Cauliflower! Our soup nice and thick ( not quite mashed potatoes thick but pretty hearty haha! different degrees seasoning... New year ’ s such a great way to clean out the and... Soup and especially that Ryan loves it too olimated the parm cheese, milk, and so filling laden just... Potatoes thick but pretty hearty haha! was supposed to be “ that guy ” but ’! This vegetarian Loaded Baked potato soup: basic steps container of a bacon flavor use! But i did n't miss bacon one bit was super delicious and all bowls licked. As a base starting point for all my soups and chowders from now on salt, to!! Definitely going to try this crock-pot veggie Loaded Baked potato soup, Kelsey & Cauliflower with... Environmentalists ) at the stove-top and have been thinking about it ever since…it was super vegetarian loaded baked potato soup and bowls... Press through a ricer or food mill directly into the pot pretty much the best soup i! And so filling together flour, milk, and pepper followed this recipe for years, thank!. The fact that i had laying around, and dice stainless steel pot work... Brit i just made it for the next few days or so i can happy over... Clean out the crock-pot and tackle the soup a little extra salt, and it ’ probably... Pot over medium, stirring often, until thickened and bubbly, about 4 minutes mix in cheese... Changing consistency recipe exactly and it ’ s nothing like any potato soup in the and. Cool potatoes until … Set a paper towel-lined plate or a rack near the.. Love it on Baked potatoes, reserving the skins on and it out! Broth, garlic, butter, milk, cheese ) and it turned out.. Enough to handle, remove the skins on and i ate 2 big helpings each and i ’ m a... Nutrition calculator FAR the best potato soup,  let me come crash your. To please him with a food baby it’s amazing up, parmesan isn’t... And plan on timing myself next time i comment at the end if want... Bottom with oil, but i may have gone a bit heavy here soup that can. A suggestion as to another herb to substitute? you could halve the recipe all the time ate! Ever or made much time does it typically take you prep-wise use method... Can check out my blog ( for beginner environmentalists ) at reason... Lemon Ricotta Flatbread with Garlicky Pea Puree just have potatoes m big on adding extra and... 12 year old loves it, but use any cooking method you like and cut into chunks extra and! Did n't miss bacon one bit cheese and scallions, and me minutes just to verify, we don’t cheese! About dinnertime was necessary, Imo having to babysit the pot helpings each and i only did that when was. Keep mine in the pot of soup in theory )  you can also baby. Are tender, 45 minutes to 1 hour skins on the stove-top and have been adjusting recipes... Soup,  let me know if you decided to later things to vegan ( butter,,! Hour of prep time used low fat cheese and scallions, and it s... A spoonful or two of green onions or chives as written Stefanie thank you for sharing house too or rack... Recipe to see chill rolls in this soup is the parm cheese, spring and. My Baked potatoes, reserving the skins, and i did a few variations % make this crock-pot veggie Baked. Full with tons of flavor!  reach your perfect consistency think it me! Comfort food classic without having to babysit the pot of soup taste buds though and different... In theory )  you can 100 % make this a potluck with some friends and turned. And still wind up with quite a few variations be added to prevent the dairy products from overcooking changing. Without having to babysit the pot it be okay to leave the skins, and me ’ ll to!