Add to compare Compare. Command 17002MPES General Purpose Hooks, 1 lb. Even though the instructions suggest not using on rough surface i wanted to try anyway. Has anyone used them on textured painted walls and had them work and/or fall off? Apply Outdoor Hooks between 15° to 125°F. Command™ Outdoor Rope Light Clips. Remove black liner. So, instead of hurrying, simply wipe the surface off with a few swipes of rubbing alcohol, THEN add the adhesive once the surface is dry. Picture Hanging Strips are great for hanging one or multiple picture frames without wall damage. I used them last Christmas also, and they never fell. Do not use household cleaners. The Command brand produces hooks in Small , Medium , and Large , along with an assortment of other shapes, sizes, and colors. 2 Options. In order to fit a human body in there and still have access to all of the necessary items needed in a shower, we wanted to ins… Command™ Outdoor Adhesive Strips are water- and UV-resistant, and specially formulated to withstand most weather conditions including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. You want a damage-free hanging solution that’s up for the task—not one that will drop your object like a hot potato. Press the hook to the surface firmly for 10 seconds. Command Damage-Free Hanging Hooks hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more. I recommend cleaning the area with a Magic Eraser, because it’s quick and easy, and will thoroughly clean most surfaces. Explore our Command™ Weight Reference Guide to find the best Command™ Product for your project. So, if your surface is cement board, brick, or rough wood, you … Even added the sticky stuff to the wall first. Press adhesive to back of hook or clip. Use Indoor Hooks between 50º - 105ºF. Command Strips use hook and loop technology to attach the item to the wall hanger and a special removable adhesive to stick each piece to the wall and to your items. For items with a bit more weight, remember that five pounds feels just like a standard bag of potatoes. Command™ Outdoor Medium Window Hooks Value Pack. Command Hooks are available in a wide range of designs to match your individual style and dicor. Hanging stuff on a cement wall is simple with the right supplies. New premier pad enhances the adhesion and makes product stick well even at slightly rough surfaces; Command… Epic fail. Command outdoor products can easily be used to stick on smooth, sealed and finished surfaces. 2. Ideal for hanging accessories in the bathroom or for kitchen utensils. Festive Christmas Fireplace. Comparing apples to oranges might not be a fair matchup, but comparing a bag of apples to your next project—that’s a different story. Hooks fell off the wall the very next day. Save instructions or visit Important tips to follow when applying Command™ Picture Hanging Strips: wait 28 days after painting before use, do not apply strips to paper or soft surfaces on frame, remove hanging hardware from back of frame, failure to follow instructions carefully may cause damage. Command™ Instructions There are two parts to this one, neither of which you should skip in your rush to hang … The hooks and clips hold strongly to a variety of smooth outdoor surfaces that were previously difficult to decorate – such as doors, windows, siding, decks, gutters and trim. %PDF-1.4 Command Decorative Hooks come in a variety Command Decorative Hooks come in a variety of styles from sophisticated to fun and playful - giving you options for every room and every person in your home. Specifically designed for outdoor use, Command™ Outdoor Products. Be aware that this is not the same type of material used for things like Command hooks. Command(TM) Outdoor Medium Slate Terrace Hooks with Foam Strips, Command(TM) Outdoor Medium Clear Window Hooks with Clear Strips, Command(TM) Forever Classic Hook, Small Brushed Nickel, Command Damage Free Surfaces Outdoor Square. Command Brand, the maker of Command Picture Hanging Strips (see on Amazon), is the market leader in damage-free adhesives. Feature INCLUDES - 16 Clear Command Outdoor Light Clips and 20 Small Command Outdoor Strips DAMAGE-FREE DECORATING- Say goodbye to holes, marks, or sticky residue on the exterior of your home; Command Outdoor Light Clips are easy to use and help keep your surfaces looking beautiful They've already survived rain and some very heavy winds. The substrate must be clean, dry, dust-, oil-, wax-free before the hooks are attached. Just reach for the gallon of milk in your fridge—it weighs about eight pounds. 2 Options I used command hooks to hang Christmas stockings on the wood part of my firplace surround and they seemed to stick alright and came off without doing any damage. 3. Q: Can I use Command™ Products on freshly painted surfaces? Check paint can for manufacturer's cure time. Before you apply your Command strips to any surface, it’s important to make sure the surface is as clean as possible. Buy 2 to 3 curtain rod Command hooks that match your curtain rod.They come in metallic finishes, you can find them in stores alongside other Command hooks. What a waste of money. Then, to remove the residue that Christine mentioned, Goof-Off or similar solvents works well. Be sure it is in the correct position to replace the hook; remove the other side of the adhesive covering, stick the clear plastic thing on the command strip and hold 30 seconds. g���"�!4J�q�3u�T�$��"*(�VTC�5�y��p���C��q��l�bV�qD&���*�Ӎ���'5�>�b���uI^�t�X�z'S����n���P��#�������*����ۜ 2z�Ll�����R���@����+�E~!G��Cs�jta�2���7iϺ5c��f+ꇙ�M���3}DkV���t��aݶ=N��[�'�kV���P�gW�"��Z����������M��sR!����m�������jO{�����lƺH�R��s�Z弈Ϛ'ʂ|�E��_K�!�(�9P(�et�Z'�D�&Z�e2}D�����Y��_�_.�C*���!+��s1bǖLּ�u,�FE���.��Y�5l��"U����n��@���[email protected]��P�5�Y3Wi���+���DS�5��S���~����M��|l���pS�d��Rо�g���͙�v���js�.����qhw�g��ӱ�c.