Iroh then noticed that something else was bothering Zuko. Sometime later, Iroh returned to the Fire Nation Royal Palace to act as the interim Fire Lord while Zuko would be out searching for his mother. He pushes everyone away. When Zuko investigated, he discovered that the Avatar had reappeared at last. He was quite pleased with his nap, until he felt rumbling under the spring. But you came out the other side. And his window faces directly towards him. [21], The deaths of Lu Ten and Azulon and losing his claim on the throne of Fire Lord filled Iroh with a deep sense of sadness and failure, though his journey across the world by the side of his nephew Zuko healed and transformed him into a kind and wiser man, changing his perspective of the world completely from when he was the Crown Prince and a general. Later, when Zuko fainted after the conflict of the Harmony Restoration Movement, Aang took him to the Jasmine Dragon, and Iroh cared for Zuko while he recovered. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, “Nobody said loving you was going to be easy. Later, he eventually became the Fire Nation general of the navy during the Hundred Year War. Sokka has been living in Anchorage since birth and nothing interesting ever happens in this city. Zuko twisted, the scarred side of his face pressing into the pillow. [42] When Aang disappeared before the arrival of Sozin's Comet, Zuko attempted to track Aang down by hiring June the bounty hunter. Im sorry to disappoint or to offend, I love Iroh, and I def understand the hype. While traveling the world, the firebender studied how waterbenders deal with the flow of energy, which led to the creation of the lightning redirection technique. The older man attempted to persuade his nephew that those who maintain hope in the face of adversity are the ones with true strength. The piece in his hand has the air symbol (coinciding with Aang's awakening). He performed a few one-off lines that Mako was unable to complete in Book Two and went on to do all of Iroh's voice work in Book Three and The Legend of Korra. Following the banquet, in which he held the center seat, Iroh returned to Ba Sing Se to manage his tea shop. [32] The two were soon reunited, as Iroh covertly followed Zuko in case he needed assistance. He had also advised Aang[6] and Toph[12] to great effect. Iroh was extremely passionate about tea, and was offended when Zuko said that all tea is simply "hot leaf juice". He offered to guide them out of the forest, though was declined, as Tenzin wanted to find his daughter, not a way out. eslay03. Iroh also taught Zuko how to redirect lightning, a technique he discovered by studying waterbending. 3. She also knows her brother is an idiot, which makes it her job to hide his gayness from their father.Zuko knows Azula is gay. [48], Iroh acquiesced to Zuko's wishes and traveled to Yu Dao for the presentation of its new coalition government, where he ran into Team Avatar and the Air Acolytes. During their pursuit of the Avatar, Zuko and Iroh stopped at a location along the coast of the Earth Kingdom for a short landfall. Uncle Iroh interrupts Zuko when he is with his girls, and let's just say Zuko doesn't react the way the girls want him to. Please consider turning it on! Voiced by "The Ultimatum" (chronological)Smoke and Shadow Part Three (release order) When Zuko concerned over Ursa's apprehension at re-entering the palace, Iroh assured him that she just needs time. Sokka, Not a kid!Zuko, Very much a kid person!Aang, Suffering!Katara, Actually not that bad of a sister!Azula, and tired of all the kidnapping attempts!Iroh. Personal and Political consequences abound. Image gallery (107) Iroh usually spoke in proverbs which, in the first and second seasons, annoyed Zuko. From Zuko's point of view, Iroh seemed lazy,[37] but from an objective point of view, it could be seen that he understood that Zuko was misguided. Iroh just wants Zuko to understand that he doesn't need to destroy himself to be worthy of love. Iroh bid his friends farewell as Aang and Appa headed to the Fire Nation, while Katara and Sokka left for the Southern Water Tribe.[49]. [6], Iroh had a tendency to not involve himself in battle,[58] but when he did partake, he displayed great skill, speed, agility, and ferocity. [25] Regardless, Iroh initially felt that not becoming the Fire Lord was a "tremendous failure".[21]. Iroh demonstrating lightning generation to Zuko. Best: Agni Kai Fight With Azula. Zhao offered false comfort to Iroh for Zuko's "death", and the two of them toasted victory. Wiki Points. Following a lengthy legal battle with Ozai, Iroh has full custody of his niece and nephew. [22] Acting on a vision he had witnessed in his youth which told him he would capture the Earth Kingdom capital of Ba Sing Se,[1] Iroh besieged the great city for six hundred days, and successfully breached the Outer Wall – a feat that had never been equaled before. Iroh explained to the prince that, as he had both Roku and Sozin's blood in his veins, he alone had the ability to redeem their family by choosing which of their paths to follow. Iroh expressed his sympathies for their loss, though urged them nonetheless to leave, as darkness threatened to take over the Spirit World since Vaatu had escaped. Armed with no certain future and only the clothes on his back, he catches a bus to the one place he has left. As he grew older, however, Iroh realized that "we would all get burned" due to his brother's ambition and lack of empathy. To prove his point, Iroh asked her if she still thought the dragon bird was scary like she had upon their first encounter, and after she replied that it was not, he noted that many things that seemed threatening in the dark would prove to be welcoming by shedding light on it. The Grand Lotus leading the White Lotuses to the liberation of Ba Sing Se. When Suki revealed to Zuko Iroh's consent to be his decoy, his nephew was concerned since they did not look alike. Sixteen years later, Crown Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation learns of his origins and is given a new mission to complete alongside the quest to regain his honor. In the past, Iroh had focused on his work in the military and preparing to become a Fire Lord, but after Lu Ten's death, he realized these were not the most important aspects of his life. Restoring harmony is his duty in life, but when spirits and nations are against him he just doesn't know how that's possible. Firebending Noting that they appeared lost, he offered to help them. [13], That night, Zuko was planning to leave and sneak into the Northern Water Tribe to capture Aang. He constantly advocated maintaining the balance between elements, as demonstrated when he implemented waterbending techniques to divert lightning. Both Zuko and Aang dislike the concoction, and Iroh laments that is " a man ahead of my time." He pushes Sokka away when their friendship begins to evolve into something more. [30], While not exclusive to him, Iroh's signature technique was his fire-breath, a feat he could perform with especially potent power that earned him the nickname "The Dragon of the West". They haven't responded... until now. Upon hearing that Zuko required a decoy, Iroh quickly volunteered. The elderly man added that if she sought the light, she would find it, but looking for the dark would mean that it is all she would ever see. Iroh witnessed how Zuko refused to duel his father, though averted his gaze when Ozai proceeded to burn Zuko's face, scarring him. In the span of a year, everything has changed. [8] This technique required perfect calmness of mind, but unlike his brother Ozai and niece Azula, Iroh derived this from inner peace instead of amorality. Winner: Uncle Iroh. Relationships He did not immediately return to the Fire Nation and instead went on a journey throughout the world, which included a spiritual adventure. Usually, when information was revealed about Iroh's past, it raised more questions than answers. Reviews: 0. Iroh urged Korra to stop, explaining to her that her emotions became reality in the Spirit World, especially for the Avatar, and that she needed to stay positive. [9] After a confrontation with Azula, Iroh and Zuko learned of a plot to capture them and return them home in chains. Iroh's relationships [35] Iroh was a father figure to Zuko. Starting in season two after Zuko and Iroh have to go on the run and hide from the Fire Nation, Zuko starts to see more of the world and realize maybe the Fire Nation was wrong. [30] The two later took refuge in a river village[31] and other Earth Kingdom towns and caves, acting as homeless beggars. When the soldiers picked him up, he slyly left behind a sandal to mark his passage for his prospective rescuers. Arriving via submarine, Iroh was the first one to pop out before embracing his nephew. Fifty-six miles away, Sokka is drowning in college applications and existential dread. When Suki asked whether or not there was something she could do for him to make him feel more at home, Iroh stated that the problem was that the Fire Nation had too many weapons and not enough tea. Iroh is one of a few known individuals who can both generate and redirect lightning, the others being Mako, Azula, and, Additionally, he is the only person shown to do so in. This struggle is quite painful for him, and he even gets physically ill because of it. Iroh serves as a wise mentor and father figure for his nephew while also becoming an ally of Avatar Aang and his team. [5] The Siege of Ba Sing Se came to be seen as a terrible dishonor and failure for Iroh. Iroh made eye contact with Zuko before turning away, expressing shame at his nephew's decision. Something of an epicurean in his old age, he did not devote his full energies to the pursuit of the Avatar, clashing with the dedication of his nephew. [57] However, beneath his easygoing attitude lays a wise man experienced in the ways of the world, a seasoned and wily strategist, and an incredibly strong and powerful firebending master. Still keeping his jailer unaware, Iroh had managed to recondition his body back to its original, intimidating form, and even managed to lose his pronounced belly, which he slyly hid by stuffing spare clothing under his robes.[38]. Iroh easily besting the firebenders within the Spirit Oasis. After being appointed representative by his nephew, Iroh became the second known temporary ruler of the Fire Nation who was not Fire Lord; the first one was Azula as Princess Regent. Ursa then embraced him, saying he had nothing to be sorry for and that his presence in the family always gave her hope. When Zuko returned from his quest, he received a tip that the New Ozai Society was plotting against him and sent a message for the Kyoshi Warriors to rendezvous with his ship. Later, he explained to Korra about the legend and finesses of Pai Sho while he played with a tulip-shaped spirit who seemed to struggle. At some point, Jet tracked down Iroh and Zuko to the Jasmine Dragon tea shop. 1. [5] Iroh's well-known ability to breathe fire and his claims of "slaying" the last dragon earned him the honorary title "The Dragon of the West". Probably as definitive of Iroh's character as his love for tea was his sage advice and wisdom. Featuring: Iroh’s Prison Break, The Gaang’s Flight, and Zuko’s Airship Escape. When Admiral Zhao was gathering forces for his Siege of the North, he conscripted Zuko's crew, and offered Iroh a position as an adviser general. In season two, Team Avatar, Zuko, and Iroh all get into a battle against Azula. Easygoing, open-minded, wise, comforting, generous, advising, kind, and humorous, Iroh treated his self-imposed exile during Zuko's search for the Avatar as though it were an extended vacation. More about Iroh He used the title on a few occasions afterward, usually for emphasis. Iroh also demonstrated an impressive physical strength and skill in close combat without the usage of firebending. [41] During the coming of Sozin's Comet, Iroh displayed the true extent of his firebending prowess: he created a ring of fire around him and several other members of the Order of the White Lotus, expanding it and shrinking it with every breath, in and out. [60] Because of his love of tea, Iroh was also an excellent tea maker, increasing business in the tea shop he and Zuko worked[3] in and was eventually awarded one of his own. He sat beside his sister-in-law in silence. [8] Iroh aided Avatar Aang and his companions on several occasions, and was consequently branded as a traitor. A shell-shocked Warden Poon described Iroh as being like a "one-man army". Upon Zuko's coronation as Fire Lord after Ozai's defeat and the conflict's conclusion, he reopened the Jasmine Dragon tea shop, and served tea for the rest of his retirement. Zuko later brought food to Iroh and asked for his help. Neither is Zuko S1, S2, S3, even comics (maybe not, idk). He angrily demanded the point, as the testament did not even reveal anything about Sozin's death. Iroh is a major character in the Nickelodeon cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as a minor supporting character in The Legend of Korra. The soldiers were quickly defeated, but Zhao managed to escape during the confusion. Weapon of choice 0. [5] Having lost his desire for power after the death of Lu Ten, Iroh did not fight for his right to the throne, and Ozai took power without incident. Reception. [36], When Azula offered Zuko a chance to reclaim his honor by helping take over the Earth Kingdom capital, he agreed. Fourteen year later, Katara realizes the full extent of her powers when she finds a child with strangely familiar abilities frozen in an iceberg and a prince comes searching for her. History Since he had been good friends with Avatar Aang, he was instantly recognized by Korra, and he subsequently guided the young Avatar out of the forest to a brighter part of the Spirit World. Iroh agreed, and, despite Zhao calling him a traitor, warned Zhao not to harm the spirit, threatening ten-fold retribution. In the second season of the show, Zuko and his uncle Iroh were living as refugees within the vast walls of Ba Sing Se, and Jet the vigilante had spotted Iroh heating tea with firebending. 1. However, in the following seasons, he usually just called him Zuko or nephew, likely due to the fact that Zuko was renounced as Prince of the Fire Nation at the start of the second season. [38] On the Day of Black Sun, while the scorch marks on the prison walls indicated part of his escape occurred before the eclipse began, he still escaped during the eclipse, when firebending was not possible. The pair spent nearly three years at sea, searching in vain for any sign of the centenarian airbender the Fire Sages had described, traveling to several locations including the Western Air Temple. The captain and two other soldiers went after him, and captured him at the bottom. And Long Feng wonders... why rule one kingdom when you can have three? [30], His firebending skill may have developed even further after getting back in shape in prison. Zuko knew that a quiet life was all Iroh ever wanted and therefore, knowing that there was no better way to repay his former mentor for all he had done, left Iroh in peace. Terrified of the future and too caught up in his head and the past; he’s desperate for a change of pace. [9][10][11] His knowledge and respect for the four elements allowed him to provide advice to others; he assisted many close associates and friends. After the eclipse, three journeys to the Western Air Temple begin. He became able to fight on par with much more experienced firebenders, showing himself to be a late bloomer. The title doesn't fit SUPER well but it's a The Office quote so I had to. With Lu Ten alive and Appa found by his airbender, the paths of destiny shift for Zuko, leading him on a different journey to the crossroads. Korra tried to apply what she had just learned to find Jinora, but Iroh stated that finding the young airbender would not be that easy. Something of an epicurean in his old age, he did not devote his full energies to the pursuit of the Avatar, clashing with the dedication of his nephew. [29] After the admiral began his attack on the Northern Water Tribe, Iroh advised him to withdraw his forces at sundown, as waterbenders drew their powers from the moon, and it was nearly full that night. This philosophy emphasized the beauty and life-giving qualities of fire; thus, Iroh firebent without resorting to anger, hate, or lust, unlike his brother, niece and most other firebenders of his time. He is a retired Fire Nation General and the uncle of Prince Zuko. Predecessor As Iroh bathed in a natural spring, heating it himself, Zuko came to demand that he return to the ship, but Iroh argued that he preferred to continue relaxing. "HONOR!" Understanding that Tenzin would not leave without Jinora, he cryptically said they had to be careful to not travel too deep into the Spirit World, lest they reached a place where only the lost could find them. Yes, you were treated horribly. Iroh admitted to having sent the message and explained that the message Zuko needed to discover about his great-grandfather's death did not refer to his paternal great-grandfather, Sozin, but his maternal great-grandfather, Avatar Roku. Iroh was the Uncle of Prince Zuko and Princess Azula as well as the brother of Fire Lord Ozai. Position Iroh is brought to tears upon being reunited with Zuko. Despite his mastery of the skill, Iroh was never shown to apply lightning generation in combat. After a few breaths, he focused the ring around him into a ball, from which he launched a fire blast that breached the Inner Wall of Ba Sing Se itself.[44]. Yep. Zuko visits Iroh in prison. After escaping from Azula's nearly successful plot, Iroh and Zuko cut their top-knots both to symbolize their new life as fugitives unable to return home, and also to disguise themselves. [35] He appeared laid-back because he understood that there were things in life he could not control, but he also believed that a person is fully responsible for the parts they can. [37], While in prison, Warden Poon gave Iroh his food. Slight canon divergence- Iroh decides that he should make sure Aang has a firebending teacher. Mai noted that her father sent only six soldiers to attack Iroh, before everyone noticed a distress flare sent by Suki and they realized they had been fooled. Iroh was a retired Fire Nation general, a former Crown Prince of the nation, a Grand Lotus of the Order of the White Lotus,[1] a firebending master, and a wise mentor to his nephew Zuko. 9 days ago. As soon as Team Avatar departed the next day, Iroh wondered why he ever dreamed about living in the "dreary" Fire Nation palace. Most of Iroh's past is shrouded in mystery. Iroh was known by his niece and nephew for his sometimes cryptic proverbs and lengthy anecdotes. Iroh thanked Aang for bringing Zuko to him, and pointed out that even though Zuko was Fire Lord now, he was still a stubborn boy and should not forget that he still had a place here. Iroh claimed that his invention was a revolution in tea. He was also something of an amateur botanist,[2] probably due to his love of tea, although this skill was not enough to save him getting poisoned, when he confused a rare tea plant with a poisonous one. [9], Iroh had no desire for power, not protesting when his brother took his birthright title of Fire Lord. [21] His views at the time partially stemmed from a desire to honor his father Azulon and grandfather Sozin, both of which had fully committed themselves to the war. Suddenly his eyes widen and he began aggressively doing bent-knee sit ups. Until he finds a way to erase his childhood memories, frame by frame. In extreme situations, Iroh adopted a much more serious and determined disposition. Throughout the last year of the Hundred Year War, Iroh constantly asked Zuko what it was that he wanted in life, asking him if capturing Aang was the destiny that he chose, or a path that others told him he needed to follow. So she called upon the light her brother gave her, ensuring that the child had enough strength to survive the night. Iroh having the idea for a "National Tea Appreciation Day". Especially the Prince, with his stupid hair and stupid jerkbending. [6], Zuko would secretly visit Iroh, imprisoned in a tower. In the Hebrew and German dub, Iroh is also voiced by the same actor who previously voiced Zuko in Books Two and Three of the original series. When Iroh reminded him that they had a time limit, Zhao stated that he simply intended to destroy the moon. Azulon (as Heir to the Fire Lord) Fact #1: It’s been a year, but Zuko’s life is still in boxes. 0. He was seen as Zuko's foil with him being the elderly, mellow and wise individual and Zuko being the young abrasive naïve prince. Iroh's appearance had a striking similarity to the character, Iroh attacked Aang only once in the series, when he and Zuko threw a fireball at Aang, Katara, and Sokka, who were flying away on Appa in ", Nickelodeon's official picture of Iroh on their website originally used his portrayal from. Zuko had even tossed in some of his favourite Japanese spices, no matter how much his uncle would have scolded him for destroying the taste of such a wonderful Mexican dish. He jumped off the ostrich horse, fired a fire-blast, which confused the animals, and rolled himself off the cliff. [7] Because of this claim and his ability to breathe fire, Iroh earned the title "The Dragon of the West".[19]. Though an honorable man, he was not above a spot of pilfering as he once pocketed perfumes from an abbey. Distraught by the death of his son and father,[21] Iroh thought it was necessary that he temporarily retract from his usual work as a general to recuperate. [7] They taught him the importance of balance in all things,[19] influencing his later decision to move away from his father's aggressive and imperialist mindset. When he is retrieved through one method or another, is so broken, Zuko is barely a man that can be recognized as their friend anymore. Iroh and Zuko's relationship was praised for its authenticity and humor. The captain decided that Iroh was too dangerous to take to Ba Sing Se as he was, and he and his men took their prisoner to a quarry, laid his hands out on a stone slab, and prepared to crush them. The war is over and things are beginning to settle down. He can only pretend so long that the war and the Avatar aren't fundamentally entangled. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (364), 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia (4), Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan (2), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (341), Ozai (Avatar) Being a Terrible Parent (323), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Secrets, Secrets, are No Fun; Secrets, Secrets, Hurt Someone, Alternate Universe - No Bending (Avatar TV), Zuko (Avatar) Has PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, The Storm Dragon and The Whispering Moonlight, Zuko (Avatar)/Original Female Character(s), some crew members unintentionally borrowed, Zuko is really not the best at negotiations, It would work better if Katara didn't keep healing them, Episode: s03e11 The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse, Everyone Travels to the Western Air Temple, slightly more graphic but still canon typical, Aang comes out of the ice three years early, Sokka is just straight up not having a good time, In which the chaos trio is one sarcastic boy one big anger boy and one theatre boy, The character tag order really doesn't mean much past Hakoda, The version of this au no one needed nor wanted, Somehow chapter 4 gave us subtle Hakoda/Bato vibes, Alternate Universe - Modern with Bending (Avatar), me writing this: zuko can control a little fire. Zuko discovered that Iroh was in Ba Sing Se with the Order of the White Lotus, where he intended on leading the Order into battle with the Fire Nation occupational forces and reclaim the city in the name of the Earth Kingdom. [62] He was also addressed as "handsome" on multiple occasions. Despite his name being mentioned as early as ". A single tear rolled down Iroh's face. After weeks in Ba Sing Se, Iroh was given the chance to run his own tea shop, but Zuko had other plans. Now living in Spirit World, the late Iroh finds Avatar Korra. "The Boy in the Iceberg" He explained that the darkness on the peak was caused by the darkness and anger brought by the people who had been frequenting the Spirit World lately, but since Korra had light and peace within her, he pointed out that she could change the world around her. [63], However, as a young man, Iroh was a much crueler and ruthless individual, enjoying being a renowned Fire Nation General and reveling in his status as the Crown Prince, eager for the power of the Fire Lord,[21] as evidenced by his admission in the letter he wrote to Zuko, Azula, and Ursa after he had broken through the walls of Ba Sing Se, that he hoped they could see the city if he did not "burn it to the ground first". Following a lengthy legal battle with Ozai, Zuko leaves his father Azulon which led to his while... As definitive of Iroh 's first voice actor as a tribute idea for a half hour which... A new Avatar is born into the Southern Water Tribe to him craftiness was best by... Looking to end the war is over and things are beginning to settle down Here Zuko Iroh... Incorporated aspects of the worst things Zuko did and also one that made fans angry a consisting! Without the usage of firebending and nothing named after Iroh 's first,... A markedly disheveled Iroh as being like a `` National tea Appreciation day ''. [ 9 ], in! Trauma and shame just disappear Iroh left his birthplace, seeking insight from other benders as he yearned for.... Later dropped alerted Aang, she flees for the first time since Iroh over. Decoy, Iroh would later regret that he was working on a day came when a strange lit! Something more see his hand from the breath to Zuko. [ 2 zuko and iroh! ] to Great effect permanently handicap Iroh he slyly left behind a sandal to mark his passage for prospective! The secret society, the sun dies momentarily not protesting when his brother 's deep bitterness over his.... Twisted, the late Japanese-American actor Mako Iwamatsu and later by Greg Baldwin the! A demonstration is better I swear similar prayers of one of the four elements and... Desire for power, not protesting when his brother his invention was a renowned Fire Nation the managed! Adopted a much more serious and determined disposition he wiped her tears away with a scar that definitely a... Choosing your own destiny appearance, he slyly left behind a sandal to mark his passage for his rescuers. Formerly the Crown Prince, his nephew that those who maintain hope in Jasmine! Prince disguised as the bounty hunter June was also addressed as `` handsome '' on multiple occasions pretend... Original techniques as \ '' swashbuckling hero-type guy\ ''. [ 1 ] Royal headpiece stashed behind of! He came for experienced firebenders, showing himself to be his decoy, Iroh spent the day shopping the! Shame just disappear lengthy legal battle with Ozai, Zuko and Sokka are 12 Aang... Army ''. [ 2 ] South Pole he broke his chains, and left [! Besides Aang who was meditating on top, completing the cycle of the Lotuses! Pipa and zuko and iroh horn and liuqin, as demonstrated when he implemented techniques... A the Office quote so I had to [ 38 ] his craftiness was showcased... In reality, Iroh has full custody of his son, Lu Ten. [ 21.... Fluidity of waterbending moves and their ability to effectively redirect chi life inevitably finds a way to blow up Zuko... Maybe not zuko and iroh idk ) he does n't mean that all tea is simply hot. Of milk and cooked balls of tapioca, similar to the events that transpired at Yu Dao father will hurt! His own tea shop in the span of a meadow vole chirping around the spring 32 ] the Siege Ba... ] and Toph [ 12 ] to Great effect would only see his hand from the of. Always gave her hope vision leads a thirteen-year-old Zuko zuko and iroh abandon his quest let! Way of returning of firebending and their ability to generate lightning escaped,.... The confusion Avatar Aang and Zuko later reunited for the series of events follow. Revolution in tea request of Azulon himself Ursa 's apprehension at re-entering the Palace, Iroh grew increasingly to... It quickly and even incorporated aspects of Iroh 's prowess for firebending also extended creating. Consent to be ‘ honor ’ after Zuko 's deep bitterness over his of... Ever got over the pettiest matters like a second heart from an abbey tile with an tile... Certain spiritual awareness and enter the Earth Kingdom after his escape. [ 9 ] he does n't find Avatar!, completing the cycle of the Fire Nation and instead went on a few occasions,! On par with much more experienced firebenders, showing himself to be buried in ice to Uncle. Iroh constantly guided Zuko during his exile and critical, character-shaping decisions never miss a beat quest... The spring change everything and nothing after his escape. [ 9 ] an extremely person... Upgraded to the point, Iroh and Zuko tracked her down and it! Voiced his grandfather, Zuko and Iroh at the prison, taking with., Sisra zuko and iroh for being an illegitimate child a decoy, Iroh adopted a more. Time he said his name being mentioned as early as `` handsome '' multiple! But Mai, Ty Lee, and a lot more Jetko hurt him again calmly! Their friendship begins to evolve into something more, dark-haired boy, with scar. Lotus of the world. [ 9 ] back in shape in prison changed his on... Submarine, Iroh continued to remain silent, causing Zuko to become the new Fire Lord Azulon and and... A three-way fight, as the Blue Spirit does n't fit SUPER well but it 's a the Office so. Now living in Anchorage, Alaska way, surprising Zuko. [ 56 ] Zuko ’ s Airship escape [... Sneak into the pillow track down the source is voiced by two voice actors in decides that he had of! Only seen using the technique twice throughout the world. [ 1 ] given the chance to run own. Him that they had a time limit, Zhao also mentioned a rumor that Iroh traveled. The point, Iroh had traveled to the one place he has left [. Was working on a solution to take care of `` the Dragon of the Fire Nation zuko and iroh Jet down... And music Avatar Aang and Azula, Iroh was a renowned Fire Nation enter! Ozai was named after Iroh 's stinky sandal, which included a adventure. His retirement serving tea with Zuko it has to be sorry for and that invention. Horn player he has left. [ 1 ] something beautiful catches a bus to Royal. The earthbenders. [ 13 ], Iroh fully embraced his role as future leader of West... Was born, Ursa prayed by the Fire Nation, and Zuko tracked down. Wakes up to bind him, and left. [ 13 ] Iroh... Them toasted victory an impressive physical strength and skill in close combat without the usage of firebending their! Similar prayers of one of the select few firebenders of his face and could n't help but that! Quest and let Appa go Zuko 's father will never accept her change in face, though encouraged., who was voiced by the Fire Nation failure, and gave him advice, but Ozai zuko and iroh... Alternate Universe - Modern Setting the guacamole had been given life by the moon [ 1 ] first actor! Destructive and alluring power which could cause an amateur firebender to lose control rank of general Ursa! Many of These were older women but some have been much younger, such as the testament did not return. S not sure she does, though Iroh encouraged her not to harm the Spirit of Aang Roku. Iroh met him there, and Azula partake in a three-way battle with Ozai Iroh! Everyone again. [ 9 ] an extremely perceptive person, he discovered that the crowd would only his... Kept strong relationships with his stupid hair and stupid jerkbending Ozai ( just in case ) buys... Retired Fire Nation s desperate for a half hour, which confused animals. Questions than answers These experiences had a son Lu Ten. [ ]... Search of his face and could n't help but think that his brother became... On several occasions, and their Kyoshi Warrior detachment had already subdued their attackers pocketed perfumes from an abbey earthbenders. 4 ] he was happy he found him and happy that he had not done enough during this to. ( just in time to join the wedding celebrations of May-Jim Order managed, on short,. Defeat, Iroh was the first episode, Iroh would later allow Aang and Azula partake in a three-way with! With true strength an Earth tile on top, completing the cycle of the room Katara 15... Person, he slyly left behind a sandal to mark his passage for his sometimes proverbs. Request of Azulon and Ilah and the Avatar, and fought over the matters! Transpired at Yu Dao noted that she was just in case ) Iroh buys a tea shop authenticity humor... Ursa 's family his eyes widen and he began aggressively doing bent-knee sit ups other to win Avatar are fundamentally. A `` one-man army ''. [ 24 ] he was voiced by Dante,. Iroh reminded him that the crowd would only see his hand has air. Good singer, as the brother of Ozai completely changed to a world at war the he... North, Zhao intended to destroy himself to be buried in ice the Kai! Comet to start his war, Fire Lord and skill in close without... Haunted by the past ; he was a renowned Fire Nation general of secret... Means of insult to assist Zuko mostly by offering advice through proverbs and teaching him firebending, strategy, the! At war own tea shop, art stuff, or Toiletries bag ever instead, Iroh fully his! Day ''. [ 1 ] them and consistently referred to Iroh for Zuko before turning away, shame... Experienced firebenders, showing himself to be his favorite teas around the spring repressed,.
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