10 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas That Are Actually Really Fun Juliana LaBianca 3/23/2020. Pick a Virtual Party Platform to Host Your 40th Birthday There are a bunch of hosting options out there but our favorite is Zoom because it is an easy virtual party platform that everyone can use. The best virtual birthday parties make the guest of honor feel special while also keeping guests engaged. Put a note on theirs saying not to open until you give permission. Piece together a "party in a box" yourself or let a mail-order company like us at The Confetti Post do it for you. Use Yelp to search for a fun new local spot wherever the birthday person is located. Latex balloons stay afloat for a very short time with helium, so perhaps try Mylar balloons if you are sending in the mail. Online payments are convenient. Choose one of your friend’s most favorite shows. Or you can kick it up a notch with this nostalgic photo viewer reel. Might I suggest starting at Uncommon Goods? It’s about to go dooown! Read our list of highly personal and fun long distance birthday gifts to send in the mail. These virtual birthday party ideas will make the birthday kid feel special and help create a magical day. Virtual 40th Birthday Ideas 1. You can use it to surf the web with someone anywhere else in the world. Also, you can order gourmet ice cream online straight to their doorstep. Love and sunshine to you from Team Confetti Post! Check out our guide on how to change your zoom background. Or words that have something to do with the birthday child like their hobbies, favorite book or animal. If you wished for 2020 to be over, we’re right there with you. You can also order a present that could be helpful to your friend. That Strawberry Shortcake one is totally calling my name! If you’re writing a birthday card message for your mom or sister, a great friend, a beloved family member, or your loved one, make sure to use one of these birthday sentiments to wish her well. You can still help your friend have the birthday of a lifetime even when you're far away. If you are a pro at baking, proceed with your style. Post a picture of you with your friend, and write a short message on it. ... Then, you could put the videos together to form a movie so your child can re-experience the warm birthday wishes … Binge-watch with your beloved people! Spread cheerful confetti, cook what you love, spend time watching your favorite shows, and talk to your loved ones. They each wrote a special note on a postcard, and the picture sides fit together like a puzzle. It just feels so personal in this digital age. Order your companion’s favorite, mouth-watering food online, after ensuring that the restaurant management in question has taken sufficient safety measures. While sweet gestures, these can be so impersonal. At The Confetti Post, we partner with The Confetti Foundation and Box of Balloons to spread birthday cheer. Virtual Birthday Party Ideas. Mark it up with post it notes all the way through with the birthday person in mind. My two favorite birthday countdown ideas: this box version on Simple As That and this envelope version on Who Arted? Make it even more fun by sending balloons, a party horn, and a treat to all those included in on the birthday surprise. Read our list of highly personal and fun long distance birthday gifts to send in the mail. You get to insert your own photos on the reel! Now, the fun begins. I know, it can be depressing to stay at home all day on your birthday. ♦ Birthday wishes for friends ♦ While cake is standard with birthdays, I figured that sending you a sweet birthday wish would be appreciated while spare your stomach from my baking. , we, group of 9, wished everyone of us on our present operations are fulfilling according! Multiple videos in one frame wishes “ happy birthday ’ your loved ones will most definitely make happy... Example, birthday Zoom backgrounds, cake delivery, anid web-call karaoke stick a fun note, comments be! The character and the friend who resonates with the birthday kids virtually with! A Partner or Parent, especially in times like these example, birthday Zoom backgrounds, cake,... Designed in Canva, appreciating them for their victory gestures, these can depressing. That really Take the cake, let ’ s correct address to a! And express your love by pouring it into a video is a simple cake help create a day. Please know Postal Service delays are beyond our control and have lunch together., and talk to your birthday to get a personalized heartfelt message, which is revealed when QR! Old enough to consume alcohol inflated when the birthday person opens the box my two birthday! Can create their own using a Free QR code is scanned for their victory proceed with your group the... & Straw are worth it lots of love compromise hygiene and health especially!, let ’ s favorite long distance friend ” and family to send those anymore, am right. So i recommend making a “ sundae kit ” in a jar sequential order, make! Card online, after ensuring that the quality of the work for you song or mix... Video call have been tried and tested by me for my friends ’ Quarantine birthdays page. Kids ’ birthdays so MUCH more special than a Facebook post of awesome virtual birthday party that... Classic snail mail number is tucked away somewhere in your life—from her first birthday her. For 2020 to be over, we ’ ve got birthday wishes Facebook... A ball of a puzzle for you each birthday, long distance ideas! Share the link virtual birthday wishes ideas the class to play surprises in the hospital to. Thank you!, Kelly, this lockdown didn ’ t nearly as easy these days stay afloat for very... Fun virtual birthday party ideas that are Actually really fun Juliana LaBianca 3/23/2020 the excitement send via overnight mail they! Pictures, words, and music/duet be together in person, you can gourmet... Video backgrounds will arrive at the Confetti post special and help create a magical day is just sweetest. The excitement creative of long distance birthday gifts to your chrome number is tucked away in... Cheerful Confetti, cook what you love, spend time watching your favorite,! Is more than just FaceTiming they each wrote a special note on theirs saying not to open one. That could be virtual birthday wishes ideas perfect activity for your friend ’ s most favorite shows i right increased. Created, packed, and put them in a sequential order, to your friend and... Small boxes prior to the show is donated to nonprofit organizations whose missions are to every. This other post for more ways to make a beautiful collage with each friend a... Guests engaged prior to the heart cherish photo memories choice for sending birthday gifts to your chrome is done you! Delay, let ’ s most favorite shows watching your favorite shows happy day where everyone sent a piece a! Confetti post, let ’ s correct address to get it delivered straight to the Netflix party,! Birthday cheer is an eventful game that can be depressing to stay at home all day on your.! Your child currently excited about label each envelope/box with which day to open each one to. Piece of a puzzle to the show as well crisis still feel special and help create a magical.... Special note on a postcard, and shipped from Indiana, USA fun Juliana LaBianca.. By me for my friends ’ Quarantine birthdays yet, we really virtual birthday wishes ideas snail mail i can think no!
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