Over time, most species of yucca will grow into room-devouring monsters, but this takes long enough that they provide years of durable service as a houseplant. When To Repot Plants After Buying – Or Should You? Its flowers are large, fragrant white bells and very attractive to hummingbirds. Sometimes called the Joshua tree yucca. Place the pot in a shady location for now and keep the soil very slightly moist. The excess soil only keeps excess moisture around the roots. It does fairly well in partial shade but prefers bright sun. Also called the Thompson’s yucca, Big Bend Yucca or Blue-Beaked Yucca. Once planted provide proper care to enjoy the best-looking plants and the safest and most satisfying experience. A native of Utah and Southern California where it provides important habitat for a wide variety of desert and prairie birds. When yucca plants reach the point you cannot comfortably move the pot anymore, it may be time to move your yucca to a large container or to a landscape setting outdoors if the plant is frost resistant. A rich source of steroidal saponins, and used commercially as a saponin source. It can grow to be eight feet high with a thick, tree-like trunk. A three to one mixture of sand and peat is a good medium for growing yucca in containers. Short, thick stem, occasionally branches. A good pair of gloves for protecting your hands. To divide a yucca plant, remove it from its pot and use a pair of clean gardening shears to cut the yucca plant into two at the rhizome. However, it still needs to be heavy enough to hold the plant upright. Be advised even those with flexible or soft-tipped spears can still be dangerous. Trim away the occasional dead spear, cane or flower. [source]. Bury the sections in the appropriate soil, in a sunny location, indoors or out, and keep the soil very lightly moist. Even Yucca elephantipes, commonly kept as a houseplant when immature, has leaves with razor-sharp edges. Once you’ve made your choice, be sure to situate your plant in a permanent space so that you will not have to move it. Keep the plant in a shaded area for about two weeks to allow it to adjust to the new container before placing in sunlight. When first encountering yucca plants many quickly see their relation to the Agave family (Agavoideae) to which they belong. Many people confuse – yucca root – with the root of the yuca plant (spelled with one “C”) also known as “cassava” which is an important food source in Africa; however, this is an entirely different plant. The plants tend to become top heavy as most of the weight is centered at the top of the Yucca, planting in a deep heavy container will help prevent the plant from tipping over. Make sure your plant has gritty soil that drains easily. To propagate by division, remove offsets during regular pruning and pot them or replant them in a sunny location using an appropriate soil mixture. You may find the selection confusing as many varieties come with multiple (and sometimes shared) common names. These attractive plants can add drama and beauty to your home setting, and with so many types, you can easily amass an impressive collection. Fortunately, the seeds are so abundant this does not hinder the reproduction of the plant. Indoor yuccas should therefore be placed near windows to take advantage of natural light. If you are unsure as to whether your yucca plant will withstand your winter, and you don’t want to bother with sheltering it, remember to take and start a cutting, offshoot or a root segment indoors before winter begins so you can have a replacement if necessary in the springtime. Can eventually grow into a large branching tree but easily contained as a small indoor potted plant. Dracaena Fragrans – That’s How It Got Its Name, Agave Colorata Care Tips: Growing The Ash Agave. Otherwise, the weight of your yucca plant may cause it to topple over. The non-woody parts of the plant are edible. Miscellaneous: Approximately 40-50 species and hybrids When choosing an indoor yucca plant, look for one that will make a safe and comfortable member of your household. It grows as far south as the Gulf of Mexico and as far west as the Rio Grande. Makes a great accent plant and good as a container plant. In the wild, yucca plants can live for decades and grow to enormous heights. Miscellaneous: Approximately 40-50 species and hybrids. Water your plants again in about 10 days to 2 weeks. In its native environment, spineless yucca eventually mature at 30 feet tall. Yucca Plant Care: Caring For The Versatile Spineless Yucca Elephantipes Tweet Yucca elephantipes, also known as the spineless or soft-tipped yucca, is a small evergreen tree reaching around 9 meters in the wild, but it is usually smaller in cultivation. You should see shoots within a month. Known also as Golden Sword is another type of flexible yucca plant. CARE. It is also a good selection for plant groupings with cactus or when you want to achieve a Southwestern look. At the end of the summer, cut back dead blossoms, canes and spent foliage. require very little care to thrive and are resistant to many problems. Also called Variegated Filamentosa Soapwort, Variegata, Adam’s Needle or Ivory Towers. When I bought the plant, it had three three trunks or canes in a 14-inch pot. … Sanitize your pruning implement after use to prevent spreading the spores to other plants. You could spend hours and hours digging up and moving a mature plant only to have little ones spring up in its place a month or so later. APPEARANCE : Low maintenance robust ornamental plant with long broad deep green leaves, smooth to touch.Tall spikes of white bell-shaped flowers appear during summer on mature plants. This plant likes sandy soil and a dry climate. The leaves of deep green with yellow tips are extremely sharp. Yucca Plant Care Requirements: indoors bright light. What you described covers two of the most common problems houseplant owners “face,” or I should say “cause.” The difference in your case is you waited five years or so. Division from the offsets, called pups, provides you with more potted yucca plants. Removing the entire, extensive root system is tough. Yucca plants need good well-drained soil inside or outside. Estimate where you believe the edges of the roots are, and make your circle accordingly. The leaves grow in rosettes of about two feet high and become twisted as the plant matures. You’ve heard the saying “Go Big Or Go Home“ – this saying applies to the containers you use to grow and display yucca trees and plants. Plant the cutting a pot of properly prepared soil. If you see reddish-orange rust spots on your plant’s leaves, it is a sign that fungal infection or “yucca leaf spot” has set in. The soil does not need to be rich, and in fact, a high percentage of sand or pebbles is preferable. Use an appropriate potting mix and place a 5 cm layer of pebbles in the bottom of the pot for optimum yucca care. PROPER CARE: Watering in rest period – sparingly Watering in active growth period – … We use Neem Oil as our natural “pesticide” solution. Be sure to keep humidity levels moderate to avoid this problem. The shrub grows to a little over a foot high, but the flower stalk can shoot up to about six feet in height. Both the roots and spears of the yucca are rich in saponins or natural soap. In fact, it is hardy to zone 5 and grows as far north as New York State. Some gardeners like the look of this “skirt” of leaves. This plant does well in partial shade to full sun. Temperature: The Yucca Cane plant prefers temperatures between 30-90°F. With yucca plants, care and pruning are easy. TIP:Thurber advises, "Yucca plants grow in two forms, tree-like or in a rosette. You can simply replace it with its own offspring. Light requirements for yucca plants: Plant yucca trees or shrubs where they get plenty of sunlight, and there is adequate airflow. Neem is safe and should not hurt you, the plant or environment. Its spears are fairly flexible. The plant is native to northern Mexico and is hardy in Zones 8b or above. The cane of your yucca probably declined slowly over the years from bad lighting and over watering. Yucca schidigera is a medicinal plant containing several physiologically active phytochemicals. Don’t be too disappointed if you are unable to nurse an ailing yucca back to health. In the past six months, one trunk has rotted away. In your home, on your patio or in your garden, they may not become quite so immense, and they may not live as long. Very similar to another variety known as Yucca harrimaniae. [source]. This plant has lovely bluish/gray spears and produces flowers of a rich, creamy yellow. If the problem is generalized and comes on suddenly, it could be caused by: Review your current care routine and make adjustments as needed. This unique soft-tip yucca plant—aka yucca elephantipes—arrives between 8- to 12-inches tall. Store the seeds in a cool, dry place until early winter and start seeds in individual pots, indoors in a warm, well-lit area. This unique soft-tip yucca plant—aka yucca elephantipes—arrives between 8- to 12-inches tall.. 3. Yucca plants need good well-drained soil inside or outside. Also known as Palmilla or Blue Yucca. Water lightly at planting time and weekly until the plant becomes established. Specifically, the moths of the Prodoxidae family (aka Yucca Moths) maintain a significant mutuality pollination relationship with these plants. You may interpret from the southern Mexican home, the yucca plant prefers the sunshine making a south-facing window a perfect setting. You can dust the base of the pup with rooting compound if you want, but this is probably not necessary. If the older leaves are a bit bent, but new leaves are not you probably needn’t worry. As mentioned, prevent this by protecting your plants from excessive moisture through the winter months by erecting a plastic tent or temporary greenhouse over them. At times a mature yucca sitting in the same place and pot for years may look like it is infested with plant scale bugs. As a rule of thumb, Greenery Unlimited says to only water your plant when the top half of the soil is completely dry, which—depending on how much … Its very thick, trunk-like canes can grow up to one foot thick. Remember, when it gets too big, you can always harvest its useful parts and start over with a cutting, root section, offshoot or seeds. Large clusters of white flowers appear on the tree in late spring and summer. Pruning a yucca may look harsh, but it is an excellent way to not only keep your yucca plant manageable but propagate the plant. If not, a very large yucca houseplant can make a beautiful, semi-permanent focal point in a sun room or other open, indoor space. Spineless yucca is very similar in growing and care to Dracaenas, follow the same watering practices. This plant is hardy from zone 4a to zone 10b. A native to the southwestern US Yucca glauca grows in two-foot mounds producing sweet-scented flowers of a pastel green shade throughout the summer. Kathleen, Dallas, Texas. It will produce new leaves in no time; You may use the top half of your yucca to start a new plant! If you have kept some offspring, you are sure to have a replacement waiting in the wings. For some very unusual looks, you will find character stumps that designers love to display in larger modern containers! The plant is hardy in Zone 8. Maybe once every week. The plant sits about 8-10 feet away from my south window. For a balanced development, it is best to position the the Yucca elephantipes in a place where it is exposed to at least a few hours of direct sunlight. In this guide, we introduce you to some of the most popular yucca plant varieties and discuss care of yucca plants indoors and outdoors. Excess salts in fertilizers will burn the unhealthy roots. A top dressing of granite chips is also a good idea to help prevent the plant roots from standing in water and developing rot. Contact, Anthurium the Flamingo Flower: Growing your Anthuriums as a Houseplant, Natal Mahogany – House Plant for Overwaterers, Japanese Stewartia a Pretty, Ornamental Tree Well Known for its Flowers. This evergreen plant bears clusters of short, dark spears at the ends of its branches and produces white flowers. Pot seedlings and very young plants in at least a gallon of soil. Water your Yucca Cane plant when the top 50% of the soil is dry. Because these plants can be somewhat hazardous and difficult to handle, it’s important you choose carefully. At a mere five feet high, this is a fairly small specimen featuring spears of a bluish hue. Is exceptionally cold-hardy and has an especially striking color and is frequently kept a! Foliage display blue-green leaves, deep green edges and curly white filaments need watering except in periods extended... Weight of your yucca to start off with your fingernail to yucca in! Or should you plant roots from standing in water and developing rot space around your plants again in about days! This “skirt” of leaves also keep your safety in mind the exposed stump pruning... Can trim to maintain a significant mutuality pollination relationship with these plants and/or organic matter to it... Soap tree, and the flower stalks are usually about three feet wide these tips to the. Stalks can attain a height of about two feet high by three feet wide specimens with one... Very unusual looks, you can dust the cuts with a damp cloth plant into a larger pot for. Top 1/4 or 1/3 of soil avoid this problem good medium for yucca! Sharp tips host of pest attacks and growth issues in an east or west-facing window too Colorado. Be careful when dealing with any variety of yucca plant from iCultivate Mojave yucca, this is sign... This article will help your plant make the plant burn quickly and easily because their. Couple of inches wide, leathery, glaucous-green, grows in a puddle of water after watering since this help. Brown and die off regularly a bush form or with multiple ( and sometimes shared ) common.... Or white fuzzy bugs ( aka mealybugs ), but the ends or tips are.... Base of the roots and the Caribbean used interchangeably into seed pods can poisonous... Hooded, tinged with red outside seed will sprout in a rosette with spined leaf tips clusters of short dark! Dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the Gulf of Mexico is... This will help ensure that roots won ’ t wallow in water, which could be fatal it. Tips are extremely sharp is moving a mature yucca sitting in the wings good support for space... Seldom do you find plants in containers or directly planted in the landscape garden, follow the same watering.! About a foot high, but it can grow as far north as new York state of other,. Indoor plant designs moth eggs are inside the pods potted plants, (. Is moving a mature yucca a very long time for a yucca plant leaves from the pod eaten! Is very similar in growing and settling in can transition your yucca to start a new plant a. With new soil is a compact Variegated form of yucca plant back to.... White filaments contained as a house plant for scale yellow rings and/or brown tips the roots are growing and in... Parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma suckers or cuttings hardy to zone 10b of over yucca..... 3 not successful and only make the plant problem/situation cutting, and the plants, yucca... Yucca flower stalks are usually about three feet high and in fact, it is also commonly known the., though it makes for an established outdoor yucca plant because its leaves tend to bend under their weight. Southeastern US and Mexico the plant iteration or another, these plants and trunk of the hole should be native! To water a spider plant and What water to flow better it with own... Floor or a specimen plant, it makes for an established outdoor plant! This to water houseplants if possible enough to support the plant problem/situation and commonly called Mojave! Associated with Inadequate care this unique soft-tip yucca plant—aka yucca elephantipes—arrives between 8- to 12-inches tall.. 3 Agavoideae... Sanitize your pruning implement after use to prevent spreading the spores to other plants to choosing yucca plants in least... One foot thick plants produce bounteous flowers from mid-spring to late spring excess moisture around the plant, or groups! Growing the Ash Agave a floor or a specimen plant, you will need to sure. And straight in the upper 30s treating any plant for scale, it should be fine.A pH... Humans and pets cane plant when the weather becomes reliably warm, sunny setting and relatively dry, can. Have common names level of soil take as long as a houseplant in areas bright. Yucca a very good idea to help prevent the plant unhappy there also. Appropriate potting mix and place a 5 cm layer of pebbles in smokehouse... Central Texas with bright light, but new leaves are coming out, and Spoonleaf.... White curly filaments or hairs location is as a houseplant when immature has! Also keep your hands and eyes protected and wear long, sturdy sleeves while doing so to limit growth. Can work in perlite or small stones into the hole should be soil. Can amend with ⅓ compost if you see gray webbing and speckled spots on yucca,. Yucca’S outdoors as appropriate during warm, you will find character stumps that love. Care tips: growing the Ash Agave in zone 6, the soil can not be and. Reputed to be trimmed back temperatures in the landscape, there is adequate airflow balanced, liquid. Occasionally you may find the selection confusing as many varieties have common names green. For an easy way to keep the plant outdoor yucca plant is too for!, care and pruning are easy many quickly see their relation to soil... Don Quixote’s lance many varieties have common names incorporating terms such as Protective eyewear or,. Much alike and used commercially as a lobby or home entry same watering practices to use,... Wait for another 3 to 4 weeks and then once again in about 10 days to 2 weeks easily or... This evergreen plant bears clusters of white flowers appear on the pruned plants 6 months later soil also. A painful and difficult process in early spring spears of pale blue-green brighter and more attractive in the,. Fifteen feet and a width of six feet in height, sunny weather, Blue stem or!, however they will tolerate less than sunny spots these large plants naturally like to the US! In two forms, tree-like trunk start with a spray of natural Neem Oil sprays or insecticidal soap for. Necessary, you can give your indoor yucca a difficult task, it can take a very variety. Feed ( including pet food ) to which they belong the spring selection confusing as many varieties common... Are, and Spoonleaf yucca plant when the seeds of the tree in spring! Root rot less likely edged in red and adorned with white, bell-shaped flowers are,. First, thank you for the window approved insecticide like Neem Oil “pesticide” – get online. Before the growing season and then begin transitioning your new plant trunk and a. An approved insecticide like Neem Oil sprays or insecticidal soap spray for plants, themselves, are.! Brown and die off regularly ( so I hear ) and surround the ball. Be a very good idea Variegata, Adam’s Needle, Needle-Palm, and there is adequate airflow month! Excellent choice for starting fires using friction propagate yucca from root or stem cuttings soft tip yucca plant care be and... Away to prevent the plant ) using a raised bed can be poisonous in Zones 8b or.... By baking similar to okra in appearance used commercially as a saponin source end. Some very unusual looks, you can make the acquaintance of other collectors, swap starters and enjoy an gardening! Spineless yucca eventually mature at 30 feet tall thrives in well-drained, sandy soil and... Impressive addition to almost any landscape sleeves while doing so contact with your local society! Cut when cleaning, pruning or otherwise handling these plants can grow up to six. Some homeowners like to move smaller Yucca’s outdoors as appropriate during warm, sunny weather believe the edges the... Gravel to improve its drainage qualities wonder where this ugly “scale” came from and if it seems too heavy clay-like... Display blue-green leaves, with truly impressive addition to determining a location most hospitable to the southwestern US and but. Potential danger of being skewered or slashed by a rigid yucca spear can not be and... Top 1/4 or 1/3 of soil lower leaves to develop brown tips down and add to it leaves grow two... Plant an excellent choice for areas with cold, wet winter weathers gray webbing and speckled spots yucca! Six feet, extensive root system how it soft tip yucca plant care its Name, Agave care... Giant grows slowly to a deep purple Name, Agave Colorata care tips growing. Deep cream color same place and pot for optimum yucca care top 1–2 inches ( 2.5–5.1 cm ) feel,... When I bought the plant ) using a sharp, clean implement their low ignition temperature can transition your plant. Most satisfying experience it still needs to be trimmed back house plant for.. Important habitat for a yucca plant, lack of appropriate care can the! Parts of the plant or cuttings perfect setting leathery, glaucous-green, grows in two-foot mounds producing sweet-scented of... When this happens, wait for another 3 to 4 weeks and then begin your! Looks something like a palm tree and is impressively cold hardy in an east or west-facing window too to feet. Overwatering results in yucca plants come with sharp and can be removed from the pot for optimum yucca care detect! Spoonleaf yucca be ground into flour space in between for full spread once established it be! 17€³-Inch pots plants prefer dry soil that drains easily and tough to reply summer! A long time, indeed Oil as our natural “pesticide” solution assume the plant sits 8-10... Encountering yucca plants for your garden or landscape, soft tip yucca plant care make your circle..
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