Explore agricultural, construction, forestry machinery, technology, services and more on the official John Deere website. High-pressure common rail delivering exactly the same fuel pressure level at all of the injectors, High responsiveness under all load and speed conditions, which extends the engine working range to lower speeds, delivering more power and productivity in the field at outstanding fuel saving engine speeds, Performance-matched fuel consumption delivering reduced fuel costs per acre, Amount of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), A host of other control parameters to deliver peak fuel economy and engine performance. Make The controls layout on the right-hand console will differ according to what transmission the tractor is equipped with. The modular console panel provides individual access to hand throttle, transmission controls, MFWD switch (if equipped), hitch command console, load/draft control, SCV, and PTO controls. Product features are subject to change without notice. In range 2 the forward-to-reverse speed ratio is 1:1, up to 22 km/h (14 mph). John Deere 6140R in excellent condition. View 2015 John Deere 6140R Farm Tractor at 58500 GBP in United Kingdom | Agriaffaires Your experience on our website is our priority. The large-diameter piston bowl with high-dome design works with the four-valve head to provide greater airflow with less restriction both in and out of the combustion chamber. Find John Deere Find fully detailed specifications, dimensions & performance figures information of John Deere tractors. Road Speed If the lever is put in the right position, the auto mode is selected and the transmission shifts automatically, depending on the engine load and speed. Every PowerTech PVX/PSX engine utilizes the high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel system to supply fuel to injectors. The camshaft lobe profile design is complemented by the intake and exhaust valve shapes and sizes for power and efficiency. Six-hole nozzles give optimum spray patterns and fine fuel atomization. The hydraulic cab suspension provides enhanced comfort for the operator by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort, especially for jobs requiring long hours inside the cab. Production: Manufacturer: John Deere: Factory: Waterloo, Iowa, USA: Original price (USD) $125,570 (2014 16-speed Basic Cab 2WD ) $159,249 (2014 IVT Deluxe Cab 4WD ) Tractor recognizes when additional power is needed, so the operator does not have to, Saves fuel, because the engine reduces rpms when no additional power is needed. The instrument pod has two large analog dials for engine and tractor speed, as well as two smaller dials that display fuel level and coolant temperature. The John Deere exclusive WEAR-GARD™ connecting rod bearing design increases lubricating oil film thickness in the bearing area, where high loads are present. This provides the tractor an engine speed boost before the implement engages the ground. Similar to the IVT transmission control and display, with the DirectDrive transmission, the tractor has the red lights inside the speed display so the operator can see how fast the tractor will go at full throttle. With each injection cycle, the ECU can make the following adjustments on the go: This management system is connected to the transmission allowing the engine and transmission to respond simultaneously. Filed Under: John Deere Tagged With: john deere 6130m specs, john deere 6130r height, john deere 6130r price new, john deere 6130r pto hp, john deere 6140r specs, john deere tractors. The engine is an integrated part of the full frame concept. Your email address will not be published. Fuel economy mode automatically switches off when the PTO is engaged to provide full PTO power. With the AutoPowr/IVT, no clutching is required to stop the tractor. Use the simple search function to find your Used John Deere 6140r Farm Tractors For Sale amongst 57 ads. For more information, please contact John 0274 355 900. This allows full manual control of the axle height to assist in mounting or dismounting front and rear implements. After the brakes are released, the tractor automatically accelerates back to its previous speed due to the high torque of the hydraulic/mechanic power split in the transmission. Full auto mode switches between load control and fuel economy mode seamlessly, with no involvement from the operator, as conditions and applications change. load changes and braking forces. 540/65 R28 - 80% Sorteren naar; Prijs van de handelaar excl. ... Make your new John Deere Tractor your own by building and customizing it with dozens of options, attachments, and accessories. When the tractor moves below 600 m/h (0.37 mph), the engine speed is independent of travel speed. The ECU can sense engine speed and load changes at a rate of 100 times per second and respond instantly to them. Your experience on our website is our priority. Auto mode: This mode is automatic progressive suspension rate adjustment, which prevents the risk of knocking on the suspension end stops even in the roughest conditions. Large diameter and thick walls ensure maximum rigidity. The column tilts toward the operator and a lever on the left-hand side allows for the column to telescope out to the desired level. In addition, operators can utilize AutoTrac™ and Swath Control Pro™ within the GS3 CommandCenter by purchasing the appropriate guidance software activation key through AMS. The pressure is generated by the gear-driven piston pump. Slip fit and retained in pistons by snap rings. Load and speed sensing allows each cylinder’s fuel delivery rate to be adjusted independently at the individual injector. 4903 Max mode: For special application like pallet work or earthmoving, the hydraulic pressure in the TLS Plus system is increased and this reduces the movement of the suspension. To match the engine power characteristics and improve economy of operation, the rated engine speed is 2100 rpm. Transmission TLS Plus with brakes for adapted braking capacity. Also, operators can adjust the ECO engine speed to choose the lower rpm used by the fuel economy feature, between 1800 engine speed – 1200 engine speed.In addition, the load anticipation feature can be enabled for: A load anticipation feature is base equipment on all 6R Series Tractors equipped with an AutoPowr/IVT transmission. Saves fuel because engine rpm lowers when additional power is no longer needed. The center region either shows the main home pages or displays the information relative to the current settings the operator is adjusting. Manual mode: This mode is for lifting and lowering the front end of the tractor (for example, picking up a weight). Above that, the forward-to-reverse speeds will only go up to 30km/h (19 mph). We zijn ons ervan bewust dat de vertalingen niet altijd zo accuraat zijn als we zouden willen. By depressing both brake pedals simultaneously, the tractor decelerates until it comes to a full stop. Production: Manufacturer: John Deere: Factory: Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany This can prove to be useful in applications like loader work, where the variability of engine speed based on load is not needed. A flanged-style thrust bearing is used for long life. This financing payment is based on a lease transaction. After the brakes are released, the tractor will return to the previous speed. The system learns this load from an SCV or hitch lever movement in the detent position only, resulting in a decreased engine load (raising the implement). Engine rpm fluctuations are reduced to minimize the need to downshift the transmission. Required fields are marked * Comment. Tweedehands John Deere 6140R tegen de beste prijzen bij professionale handelaren of particuliere aanbieders; u vindt het bij traktorpool.nl. 650/65 R38 - 50% This feature allows the DirectDrive to predict how much load the engine expects from the activation of the hitch or a particular SCV function. The four settings available are: Save $1,000 with the purchase of New Eligible John Deere Hay Tools or Tractors. Steering: hydrostatic power: Trailer brakes: hydraulic or pneumatic optional: Cab: ComfortView cab standard with air-conditioning. Highly polished and hardened surface of pin reduces wear. †For complete details regarding this offer, please select the corresponding link below. Permanent engagement of axle suspension with automatic adjustment of the sensitivity and suspension rate for the axle load (from a heavy rear-mounted implement to heavy front loader work). The GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) CommandCenter is the central information system used on 6R Series Tractors and is located on the right-hand console. Custom mode allows the operator to customize the AutoPowr/IVT settings when full auto mode is not desirable. 40 km/h. The initial valve lash adjustment is 2000 hours, then every 2000 hours thereafter. Copyright © Note: Includes access manager user lockout software. More Videos. A dynamically balanced crankshaft is constructed of heat-treated, high-carbon forged steel for maximum strength. 2012 John Deere 6140R cab tractor 6 cylinder 6.8L, 140hp with 4,859 hours 40km/h, 20x20 PowrQuad Plus transmission MFWD beam front axle 45 Cm3 PFC hydraulic pump 540/540E/1000 speed PTO 122 PTO Hp 3 SCVs Agricultural tyres Front 540/65R24 60% Rear 600/65R38 70% singles 3/4" hydraulic return fitting Air conditioning Auto track ready Buddy seat Display Drawbar pin External mirrors, rear … Hours Self-leveling system with +/- 50-mm suspension travel under all axle load conditions. The DirectDrive transmission consists of the range box (1), the dual-path module (2), the PowrReverser™ (3) Range box The range box of the DirectDrive consists of three ranges perfectly suited for agricultural applications. Increased braking capacity by utilizing additional brake discs in the front axle hubs. display, video capable. Tractor In the event a repair is needed in long-term operation, the engine can easily be reconditioned to updated specifications. Accent Light, left-hand and right-hand foot step light (Code 8728, available on 6105R, 6115R, and 6125R only), Beacon Light (Code 8725, available on 6105R, 6115R, and 6125R only). Operators can select the lights they need on or want on for a given application and can store these settings. ComfortView cabs feature a modern, automotive-style instrument panel as base equipment. The oil spray jet provides excellent underside piston dome cooling, as well as lubrication of the piston pin and pin bushing and cylinder wall lubrication. The operator has the ability to set a variety of triggers, including reverse, PTO, hitch, and SCV levers to activate the camera. The engine width is not changed greatly, allowing for a narrow tractor hood and excellent row-crop visibility. 2019 john deere 6130r. The hard mode prevents cab pitch e. g. through front loader work. Available January 2021. Similar to the AutoQuad™ PLUS transmission, the AutoPowr/IVT can also adjust the forward/reverse speed ratio. Journal surfaces are induction hardened for long life. 2013 The 6.8L engine uses a camshaft made from 1080 steel to provide the strength and durability required to operate four valves in each cylinder. Self-locking front. hours: 2337. price: ***sold*** year: 2018 . Production: Manufacturer: John Deere: Factory: Waterloo, Iowa, USA: Original price (USD) PTO HP Hydraulic Flow Your experience on our website is our priority. Find great deals of Used John Deere 6145r Farm Tractors For Sale amongst 41 ads by private parties and dealers on Agriaffaires UK. Manual mode turns the automatic adjustments off and disables the fuel economy mode of the transmission. Used 2015 John Deere 6145R Row Crop Tractor with 145 HP, 902 Hours, Auto Quad Transmission, Triple Link Suspension, Premium Cab, Premium Lights, AutoTrac Ready and John Deere 640R Loader. Aantrekkelijke aanbiedingen van … Note: Includes access manager user lockout software. All PowerTech PVX and PSX 4.5L and 6.8L engines use aluminum pistons for high strength and resistance to wear. Used Full auto mode enables the tractor to make adjustments to the transmission operating mode automatically, based on the engine and transmission speeds and the load on the tractor. The second gear is already lined up, ready to go, and just waiting for the change command to be given. In this mode, the operator manually changes the gears and decides which gear to select. The AutoPowr/IVT application settings employ three modes to take full advantage of the engine-transmission communication: Full auto mode, custom mode, and manual mode. Your experience on our website is our priority. 6140R W H360 Down to 50 m/h (164 fph), the creeper mode is activated when the selected speed is below 2,1 km/h (1.3 mph) in set position 1. All Rights Reserved. Specifications Reader Interactions. We therefore use cookies, as we legitimately have our hearts set on improving user experience, producing statistics and offering ad inserts based on your areas of interest, including, with your consent, local ones. The DirectDrive transmission control unit is embedded in the CommandARM™. Full floating design utilizes all bearing surfaces of the pin for more even load distribution, even wear, and long life. John Deere offers the stepless AutoPowr/IVT transmission for those looking for exact speeds to match any application. The Used JOHN DEERE 6140R is offered at CAD $187,500.00. Rear Tyres With a GreenStar receiver, the display can be utilized for manual guidance.
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