New Delhi: Employees at leading IT-BPO companies have been given a go-ahead to work from home, according to a notification by the Department of Telecom and Software Technology Parks of India (STPI). Though the work-from-home movement became popular due to quarantine requirements after the coronavirus pandemic, it has gotten into our lives in 1973 with Jack Nilles ‘ book called The Telecommunications-Transportation Tradeoff: Options for Tomorrow. "wfh efficiencywfh guidelines" This document will be updated as needed and as new guidance and direction is given from the State Emergency Operations Center and Governor’s Office. 5 work from home guidelines to … WFH efficiency is real, so we prepared these 12 tips for a healthy and successful WFH routine that will definitely make your life easier. The new guidelines reduce the compliance burden faced by BPO industry. The requirement for taking permission of DoT for allowing WFH is waived. “This may have a cascading impact on … The Department of Telecom (DoT) has relaxed certain norms for Other Service Providers (OSPs) till April 30 to facilitate work from home (WFH) amid the coronavirus outbreak. It was just an idea back in those times. Industry association Nasscom has been in talks with the government for more than a week to allow … U.S. 30 (West Girard Avenue) Lane Restrictions Scheduled for Bridge Replacement Proje... January 08, 2021. Why is telecommuting important now? July 30, 2020 - The following guidance shall be used by all Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) staff. Whitewater Solutions is a Technology Consulting and Software services firm which has pioneered in the space of regulatory compliance and Security. OSPs can now inform DoT of their intent to start using WFH agents, but they need to provide agent details such as name, physical address, and Static IP address in advance as well. Switching to working from home (WFH) mode is not easy. “Nasscom has worked closely with the … There is a need for a telecom license for BPOs, KPOs and LPOs – from Department of Telecom (DoT) for allowing their employees to work remotely/ Work from Home- WFH. In case of violation of terms and conditions of WFH facility by any agent/ employee or The ministry said that the new guidelines are aimed at removing unnecessary bureaucratic restrictions. CDRs/ call logs shall be maintained by OSPs for one year as per existing guidelines and provided in a simplified form to DOT/ Security Agencies, as and when demanded by them. Ashish Aggarwa1, Head of Publlc Policy at Nasscom said that the latest DoT guidelines are a bold reform for the Indian BPM/ ITES industry. WFH doesn’t have to stand for Work From Hell, so do yourself a favor and set some healthy boundaries using Mistal’s advice below. Companies might fall foul of DoT’s WFH guidelines if they continue to use a general VPN instead of a PPVPN. This was a key demand of the IT-BPO industry following the Covid-19 pandemic.
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