Sorry WD you lost this fan of your products. I have the same problem with my cable. I’m done with this product. You can selectively follow below 4 methods to get problems fixed and repair the WD My Passport drive to show up and work again. Because of its sensitivity I still carry the older one and this one sits plugged in to my iMac largely unused.  I’m having the same erratic behavior. UPDATE [26 Aug 2013]: WD is providing firmware updates for various drives exhibiting the connect/disconnect problem (thanks Boostland for pointing this out). Free next day delivery on all orders. All … Change USB Cable. When the troubleshooter detects the problems, select the Apply this fix option to fix the detected issues automatically. Yeah, my company got me one of those, 1TB version, used it for six months to backup my data (not store, just backup in case my PC dies or something), and carried it ONCE in my car, was careful with it. Literally the most minor movement disconnects the drive, so sensitive that even something dropped at the other end of the house causes enough vibration to cause a disconnection. The reason for not connecting was the USB 4 port bridge I was connecting too. There was a problem. If your WD My Passport drive can be recognized after plugging it into another USB port, it indicates that your USB port is not working.  I need a new cable also,  the one I have is uber sensitive. Any solutions ? If your WD My Passport for Mac drive for Mac is not mounting but grayed out in Disk Utility, you can right-click and select the "Mount" button to force mount the hard drive. It is mini-USB. Follow the points below to know the various causes. If I try my HDD in any USB 2.0 ports its recognized instantly. Now, download the correct driver and install it on your computer. Change WD Drive Letter to Make WD Passport Drive Detectable. Even the smallest move of the cable disconnects the disk from the computer. Restart your computer after changing the drive path. Right-click on the Unknown device and select Properties. It's not the first I've heard of this either. Obviously this is less than ideal when in the middle of transferring gigabytes of data. Received my replacement cable today.  The new one is nice and snug! Hope it can be useful for all of you :wink: Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, It’s smaller (but what for? Contact WD Support. Click on the Add button and select Assign the following drive letter. So my WD passport is 2TB, but the Partition Recovery Wizard wasn't even able to recognize that. Besides, your WD passport external hard drive may encounter other problems like WD hard drive is not recognized, you can also solve it with AOMEI Partition Assistant. standards in favor of trying to bond their customers to WD-specific cables. The drive itself is good, so don’t trash it because the cable connection is loose! My Passport Wireless SSD creates its own fast 802.11ac WiFi connection so you can wirelessly connect to your drive to access and view saved photos or smoothly stream 4K video directly to your phone or tablet using the My Cloud app. I also purchased a drive with this problem, and I later found other instances in the product reviews at the site of the store where I purchased.  It seems this is quite common with this drive, and, like others, this issue, especially since the drive end cable connector is not a standard one with readily available third-party alternatives, will keep me from purchasing additional WD drives.  Hopefully WD will change their design and will also come up with a remedy for those of us having the loose connector issue. I have the same problem with my cable.  I’m done with this product.  It’s outrageous that WD uses a proprietary cable and doesn’t even offer a replacement for sale on line. So it’s the cable? Moreover, there is AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional for you, and it provides more advanced features to … I contacted WD support and they are going to ship a replacement cable.  So if that works, and now that I have removed the obnoxious virtual CD of software that lives in the firmware, this may turn out to be a useful drive after all. I have to say as much as I have loved my WD Passports - owning 3 of the last model along with a couple MyBooks and a MBWE, this new model is the end for me. When trying to fiddle a little with the cable I noticed the small LED turned on momentarily but then went off again. It’s outrageous that WD uses a proprietary cable and doesn’t even offer a replacement for sale on line. I misplaced my cable and have a lot of important data on the drive. Copy the first value and paste it in the address section of your browser. However, if this external hard drive is corrupted, the "Mount" button will not be available and you need to try the next solution.  I’m not the only one going crazy. I am having the same problem! :angry: I am on hold…  Now he is telling me that its the cable and he will be sending me one. Reasons Behind My Passport Not Showing Up Windows 10. Although I was usually very staisfied with WD my personal consequences in this matter are to not buy any more WD products until the issue is resolved or there is an option to decide between products with regular Mini USB and WD-USB plug & cable. My Passport Essential SE 1TB, it disconnects too often. The one I had I had bought from Radio Shack … There are six series of the My Passport drives, three for … I am having WD My passport Ultra (1tb) and its not recognized in any USB 3.0 ports, after initial one time! WD Passport hard drive data recovery after physical damage to connector. WD MyPassport sucks big time, in my book. I’m going to see if I can find a way to complain to WD and get a new one…. Find top rated office supplies & save big with Staples Canada. Download a third-party software to repair corrupted files in the WD My Passport drive. Hardware & Devices: Yet another Western Digital My Passport driver problem