Other benefits include: Keeping kids occupied and out of trouble Get your dose of vitamin D Here are some of the benefits of summer camps for special needs children: Social Skills Camps offer a great opportunity for special needs children to expand their social skills. Fall break has never replaced the lost summer tourism time, so the move will increase tourism. On the other hand, there are two big disadvantages of our summer vacation. If that wasn't good enough, the season of the sun can be a blessing for your health too, bringing numerous benefits. Vacations Can Cut Your Risk for Heart Attack There are other benefits. It's never too early to celebrate the fact that summer is on the way. Or college students giving their brains a rest and taking “mindless” summer jobs—mowing lawns, babysitting or … But there are plenty of physical and mental benefits … Their summer break won’t be boring or tiring as long as you and your children choose the right seasonal academic camps and programs. 1. Third, you should visit your family members when you have time, maybe during "Obon" break. One teacher suggests creating a game or contest to help encourage students to read over the summer break. For instance, the library can keep a log of books checked out by students over the summer. Summer break can be considered as the refreshment for the new session. Because summer break is only a few months long, the classes are condensed to fit into that time period. Religious beliefs. Before knowing the fantastic benefits of The Benefits of Working in summer | Entrepreneurs Break Whether you are planning for part-time, full-time, or freelancing, you should know your skills and ability as … For many American students and their families, summer is sacrosanct, a nice long break from school to recharge and refresh. Whether it's an island vacation or the long break from school or simply hosting pool parties, everyone has something to look forward to. After a long and arduous school year, children across America are given three months of freedom to have fun, relax, and prepare for the next school year. For example, a two-week half-term break in the autumn term could have benefits for both staff and … To prevent students from having a nervous breakdown in the middle of the classroom, summer break is a very effective method of letting students recharge and be ready for another school year of studying and tests. Sometimes holidays celebrate family/friends, and others highlight giving thanks. Spending time with family, going on a trip, joining hobby classes, etc can be fruitful activities in summer vacation. The weather is warming and kids are getting used to some time away from school. "Summer camp removes the bubble wrap from children," says Glover, who is involved in the first year of a national five-year Canadian study on the benefits of summer camp. Eliminating … 1. It provides ample opportunities for students. Most likely, summer break will always be a yearly vacation from school or college. While summer break … Many people find themselves stuck in a daily or weekly routine that offers little more than a 'rinse and repeat' type life. One of the benefits of school holidays is the time that families can spend together. Summer Vacation Sept. 14, 2017 Summer break is one of the very few things teachers and students look forward to, so is it fair to have it cut short and will it be a disadvantage? Studies have argued the long summer break contributes to summer slide in some subjects. University summer courses are enrichment programmes, offering assistance and extra credit to students who seek to advance their knowledge during the summer break. While you may enjoy the long break from school, research shows that your educational progress does not. However, the length of the break does prove problematic in terms of retention of information. But students in about 4 … Summer homework causes too much stress for students, squanders the learning opportunities and life lessons that summer break has to offer, and greatly reduces all the benefits of a free summer such as enhanced cognitive skills, well-being, and more. But you might be surprised by some of the healthy perks of summer worth celebrating today, the official first day of the season.Of course, some of our favorite reasons to love spring carry over (thank goodness! Never mind the many voices wistfully calling for a summer break, imagining high school kids filling their days with reading for pleasure, swimming and long walks in the woods. In addition, some summer programs offer sports and other extracurricular activities that keep students active during the break. Family time. The summer break is well underway. Days off from school. Another huge advantage of summer break is the fact that there’s no school. Summer vacation is one of the major benefits of student life. The adults needed their kids at home in the summer to help with the primary growing season and the upcoming fall harvest. Summer camps are most suitable for such type of people. ), like more vitamin-d producing and mood-boosting sunshine, and more stress-reducing time spent outside in nature. There will be other benefits, as well. Benefits. Instead, the summer break may be rooted in urban culture, not agriculture. Holidays are celebrated for a reason. The length of a summer class is much shorter than the same course offered during the fall or spring semester. It should also be a time for a little reading and math. First, there are piles of homework during summer vacation. During summers, everyone wants to try something different and new.Music is one of the things that many people are passionate about but do not have the time to pursue. This refreshing weather will give you a chance to practice several activities such as the water sports and even walking with bare feet on the arm sand. Enrol in one of the best international summer schools, organised by leading universities: There are many benefits of enrolling in a summer school this summer. Health benefits of taking a vacation A number of studies have shown that taking time away from the job can have physical and psychological health benefits. But did you know that summer breaks were originally intended for farmers' children? There could be longer breaks at other times of the year. As for the city kids, urban schools typically operated on 11- or 12-month schedules. People who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals. Summer seasons are perfect times for amusing vacations without inter jackets and mud along your way.On the beaches, you will enjoy the warm water andget free vitamin D from the sun. Everyone has a great story to tell from a Christmas party, but with these social events only coming around once a year the bonds and camaraderie that getting together outside of work can fuel peter out as the months roll on. Historically, agriculture schools would actually take breaks during spring and fall, and have classes during summer and winter, according to Chris Weller of Business Insider. Summer homework is a counterintuitive, useless practice that should be banned in all schools. Paragraph 3 - 150 Words. How Can Our Summer Camp Program Help Your Family? While camps can provide a comparable social structure to the school setting, it's often more fun and engaging for kids to be at camp rather than in school. The specific length varies by course and college, but a semester's worth of work is usually squeezed into four to eight weeks. If you’re not sure whether a summer party is right for your business here are just a few of the benefits: It’s great for staff bonding. Summer is a time for trips to the zoo and the local pool. By simply taking a break, you can reap all those benefits and more. A shorter summer holiday could certainly be part of a redistribution of the overall holiday in the school year. Summer break offers an opportunity to work through any “walls” students with behavioral or intellectual disabilities might experience from school overload. Let’s go through some benefits of a music summer camp. The argument is typically made with an appeal to the the "summer learning loss" or "summer slide", the tendency for kids to learn less during the summer than they… Family Time. Having a good relationship with your family members is a good thing because they can help you in times of need. There are some surprising side benefits of making a getaway, though—you can boost your wellness, be more productive, and maybe even get a raise. Culture. They will participate in engaging, exciting activities that will help them prevent loss of learning, develop new skills, and be ready again for school. Summer slide is the loss of, in particular, literacy and numeracy skills that occur with the long summer break. The most important thing that students can do is make the most of it, whether it is creating their own schedule, completing a course or getting help for returning to school. For instance, did you know a rested mind is more likely to stick with healthy habits? Stave Off Summer Learning Loss. Every year I find myself reading some number of articles calling for an end to summer vacation--the practice of giving kids a summer break from school. Camp provides a safe and nurturing environment, but at the same time it is structured to allow … While students look forward to those holidays as a break from their regular studies, there is a growing fear that American students are falling behind because of the lack of actual classroom time. It’s hard to come up with a good solution, but perhaps a slightly shorter summer break with more breaks sprinkled throughout the year would be workable.” The argument for shorter summer breaks has been gaining heat across the country. By 1900, migration moved people from farm life to the city. Options For Youth’s FREE summer school program offers all of the above opportunities without sacrificing the freedoms of summer. Among children, few things are as exciting as the prospect of summer break. Below are just a few of the benefits OFY offers. While it's important to stick to a schedule, sometimes the same routine becomes dull -- especially when you're spending too much time on low value activities like watching TV, browsing social media, or engaging in bad habits that hold back your personal success. A shorter summer break reduces time for vacations, with less spending for accommodations, entertainment, dining and other purchases. Parents and educators need to be sure that they do not overlook the importance of summer learning; the results of summer learning loss can be difficult to overcome in the fall.