Spark can hit 100% and Thunder can hit 90%. Kjarr Bow "Decay" Crafting and Upgrades Kjarr Bow "Decay" is a special Bow weapon that can only be obtained through " The Fury of El Dorado " Kulve Taroth Siege Event quest or Awakening Alchemy. Best Thunder bow: KT Thunder but Kjarr Spark comes close and has a way more flexible build path. When it comes to bows that deal fire damage, the Anja Arch III doesn’t have a lot of competition. So it could be a valid option as well. There are multiple unique Relic Weapons you can get that belong in each weapon class. The Villainous Bow features a negative 25% Affinity, a high Elderseal, 276 Attack and 210 Dragon Element attack. Kjarr weapons are "Incandescent" weapons that are obtained by triggering AT Kulve Taroth's "Fury" mode. Can be upgraded to Rarety 12 with MR Kulve Taroth materials. Kjarr Spark Kjarr Spark has the worst stats of all the Kjarr bows. It reminds me of the USJ quests that were time limited to Japan even if they eventually got released everywhere. Read on to learn vital information such as Attack rating, Affinity rating, Weapon element, slots, and more. The element versatile weapon will surely have you checking your hunter’s notes for each monster to make sure the appropriate element damage bow is equipped to match your target’s elemental weakness. Even though the -30% Affinity might seem too disadvantageous, the bonus 15 defence makes up for it. That’s why we’ve decided to take a look at the best bows you can find in Monster Hunter: World. The player can craft it at the smithy, using the easily available Anjanath materials. Its only weakness is its -20% Affinity, but players can cover for that with affinity augmentations. But for successful gamers, few weapons are better. Kjarr Bow Spark hits 24 Bolt that caps at 31. Blast bow sucks. Apparently the Kjarr Ice bow at level 5 is a straight upgrade to the legiana bow, except it loses the level-1 jewel slot. It can take on the most powerful monsters in the game, and it’s arguably the best weapon against the strongest monster in the game: the Extreme Behemoth. However, Taroth Arrow Spark can give you 35% affinity and has a higher Thunder, just no critical element. This armor set effect is activated by wearing 3 pieces of Safi'jiiva armor for the maximum output. And this bow is perfect for players who like to get up close to their prey; it deals considerably more damage in close range. However, for patient players who slowly level up the bow, it becomes a beast later on in the game, with Blast Attack 3 that gives it a 300 Blast Attack. One of the best options from the same family is the Kjarr Glaive Paralysis, which I distinguish from the rest of them with the title of best ailment Insect Glaive in MHW. But from then on I am including the status weapons as well. But most monsters in the game are at least 2 star weak to Thunder. The element is already unlocked, so the player doesn’t have to go get a release jewel to unlock it. Street_Overlord 1 year ago #1. Nergigante is also weak to thunder, so Kjarr Bow Spark counters the monster thanks to a combination of all its abilities. It comes with -30% Affinity, level one slots, 264 Attack, a bonus 15 defence, and 150 Ice Element, which the player can access through the Awaken skill. Also known as the Diablos, the Cera Coilbender has probably the highest raw attack value in the game (pre-Iceborne, that is). User Info: Street_Overlord. There’s a reason that numerous speed runners opt for the bow: it is handy and deals so much damage that you might as well think it’s overpowered. Kjarr Spark with its terrible stats is highly negligible overall, but it earns a unique place in the meta game for it’s para coatings. ; Weapon Names in italics can be crafted from the Forge Weapons menu. Kjárr Bow "Spark" Kjárr Bow "Stream" Kjárr Bow "King" Kjárr Bow "Decay" Kjárr Bow "Water" Kjárr Bow "Blast" Gold Water Piercer. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal. This is, without a doubt, the best bow dealing Thunder damage in Monster Hunter: World. That easily ranks this among the highest bows when it comes to pure elemental attack value. Kjarr Arrow ‘Spark’ Your weapon for the Arch Tempered Nergigante hunt, there are not much of a difference compared to other Kjarr Bow. With all the damage it deals, this bow can even rival the Cera Coilbender. It has two jewel slots, 0% Affinity, a 240 Blast option and a decent 204 Attack. None will have purple just because no Kjarr weapon has purple values. Kjarr weapons are "Incandescent" weapons that are obtained by triggering AT Kulve Taroth's "Fury" mode. However, it more than makes up for this through its dragon element, which stands at 420. Yeah obviously if the monster isn't at least 2 star weak to Thunder, you would want a different element. RELATED: The 10 Hardest To Find Monster Hunter World Camp Locations (& How To Find Them). The bow’s stats are already fully unlocked, which makes this a broken weapon for dealing with most monsters. Greb.